Learn more about how to make your house look great before selling with expert cleaning tips from Cleaning Properly.

While you may love the way that your space looks when filled with interesting décor, cosy cushions, and personal knick-knacks, this type of interior doesn’t generally do well when it comes to selling a house.

When viewing a home, potential buyers are more likely to be interested when they are presented with a bright, clean, clear space, as this helps them to better visualise their items and furniture in the home. Here, an expert from the Property Properly team will go through the main things to consider when trying to make your home look great in preparation for selling.

Consider a Clear-Out

No matter how long or short you and your family have been living in a home, over the years, clutter seems to pile up at an almost impressive rate. When it comes to packing up your belongings to move house, realising how many knick-knacks and items that you have to organise can become overwhelming.

To avoid this feeling of being snowed under with items, it can be beneficial to carry out a large-scale home clear-out before preparing your house or apartment for selling.

A few weeks before putting your home on the market, tackle each room in your house on a case by case basis, sorting items into piles for keeps and for trash. By doing this in sections over the span of a few weeks, the task becomes more manageable and less daunting to deal with.

If the idea of clearing out your entire home is too much to even think about, don’t worry – there are professionals out there who can help. Oftentimes, professional cleaning companies can offer great value, quick services, and stress-free experiences for home movers, giving you one less thing to worry about during your move.

If you’re situated in Laois, Offaly, Kildare or Dublin, Property Properly’s sister company, Cleaning Properly, offers full clear-out services suitable for both commercial and residential properties, making moving all the easier, and making your property more visually appealing for potential buyers.

Cleaning is Essential

Following a clear-out, the next step in making your home look great before going on the market is to carry out a deep clean of the property. Over time, dirt and dust can build up in a home and can make the space look uninviting to potential buyers.

As well as cleaning the main parts of the home, such as floors, windows, surface areas etc., make sure that lesser thought of areas are cleaned too, such as skirting boards, door handles, and kitchen cupboard shelves. Potential buyers will thoroughly inspect a property before putting down a deposit, and dirt, dust, or mildew could really put them off. If deep cleaning the property seems a little too time-consuming, our sister company Cleaning Properly can help, offering full deep cleaning services to customers who need their home in tip-top shape before selling.

As well as general cleaning services, Cleaning Properly offers specialist cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, deep cleaning, gutter cleaning, and full sanitisation services to ensure that your home is completely clean before going up for sale.

Not only does this take the hassle out of cleaning, but also ensures that no part of the property is forgotten when it comes to getting everything in check before going up for sale on the market.

Carry out Repair Work

We’re all guilty of falling behind with house repairs, especially when it’s not an essential job. As a home is lived in, it can fall victim to general wear and tear ranging from broken doorknobs to faulty shelves and scuffed walls.

While none of these faults are massively impactful to day-to-day living of the home’s inhabitants, these small glitches can have a massive effect on the overall value and initial impressions of the home, especially for potential buyers.

Before you decide to advertise your home for sale, ensure that all repair work is carried out, no matter how small. Spend some time painting the walls a clean, bright colour, and replace any missing cupboard door handles or decorative features.

By spending some time and money making your home look as good as new, you can have peace of mind that the value of your home will soar. As well as that, the less work that potential buyers feel that they will have to do with the home, the more likely they are to buy.