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If you’re planning on moving out of your rented home or office space, the best way to ensure that you receive your deposit back is to hire professional end of tenancy cleaning services. Cleaning Properly has a team of expert cleaning professionals providing high-quality end of tenancy cleaning services to cover all types of property.

As well as providing general cleaning and tidy-up services, we offer end of lease deep cleaning services including disinfecting, power-washing, and removal of mould and mildew. We only use the highest quality equipment and products in our end of lease cleaning services to ensure that your rented property is left in perfect condition following you move-out.

Our professional cleaners have years of experience in providing end of tenancy cleaning services for homes, apartments, and commercial properties across Leinster, ensuring that your property is cleaned from top to bottom before you move out. Not only will this leave the property clean, tidy, and hygienic for the next tenant, but will also ensure that you receive your security deposit back at the end of your lease.

For hassle-free cleaning at great prices, why not contact our team today?

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