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If you’re looking for high-quality sanitisation and decontamination services for your home or business, look no further than Cleaning Properly. As the standards for commercial cleaning are being raised to protect customers and staff against the spread of dangerous bacteria and viruses, it is vital that your premises and properties are being sanitised regularly. Cleaning Properly employs a team of expert professional commercial cleaners who specialise in decontaminating and sanitising the interior and exterior of homes and businesses across Leinster. By employing our team, you can rest assured that when it comes to hygiene, your property and its occupants are not at risk from improper cleaning techniques. Here at Cleaning Properly, we only use the highest-quality products and materials in our sanitisation and decontamination services to ensure that your building is safe and protected against all nasty bacteria and viruses, future-proofing your business against stricter hygiene standards that are sure to be introduced to the commercial sector down the line.

For professional commercial cleaning services including sanitisation and specialised decontamination, contact our team today

Why Choose Sanitisation Services From Cleaning Properly?

Sanitising a property is a highly technical and time-consuming job that can be next to impossible to do alone, as it often requires the use of harsh chemicals and unfamiliar cleaning techniques. By hiring our professional team of commercial cleaners, you can rest assured that the interior and exterior of your building will be decontaminated and sanitised correctly. Our team are qualified in specialist commercial sanitisation services, professionally removing any dangerous dirt, mould, bacteria, and viruses that could negatively impact human health. For health and safety that you can trust, why not invest in professional sanitisation services today?

Virabact® Multi Surface Cleaner From Cleenol®

Cleaning Properly uses advanced cleaning techniques and cutting-edge products, including Virabact®, to professionally sanitise and decontaminate the interior and exterior of your commercial building. Virabact® is a highly-effective specialist cleaning agent which kills all enveloped viruses and bacteria, including Coronavirus, SARS, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus, and more. During a commercial decontamination service, we use this cleaning agent alongside others to completely remove any dangerous microbes from your property, decontaminating the inside and outside of your building and leaving it safe, clean, and sterile for its occupants.


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Commercial Sanitisation for All Industries, Including:

Commercial Sanitisation for All Industries, Including:

  • Office Sanitisation

  • Home Sanitisation

  • Factory Sanitisation

  • Restaurant Sanitisation

  • Hospital Sanitisation

  • Pharmacy Sanitisation

  • Retail Sanitisation

  • Pub Sanitisation

  • Café & Restaurant Sanitisation

  • Commercial Kitchen Sanitisation

  • Apartment Block Sanitisation

  • School Sanitisation

Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics

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Sanitisation FAQ

  • Where can I find commercial sanitisation services near me?

    Cleaning Properly provides professional commercial sanitisation services to customers across Laois and Leinster.

  • Should I sanitise my business professionally?

    Yes. With the increasing emphasis put on hygiene in the commercial sector, sanitising your business premises is a must. Here at Cleaning Properly, we provide cutting-edge, highly effective cleaning services to sanitise and decontaminate your commercial property. Not only will these services have your business looking clean, but they also protect your staff and colleagues from the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria.

  • What does it mean to decontaminate my business premises?

    Decontamination is the act of removing or neutralising any dangerous substances such as germs, bacteria, and viruses from a surface. By professionally decontaminating your business, you ensure that your business is free from these dangerous pathogens. Cleaning Properly provides professional decontamination services to ensure that these harmful substances are removed safely, effectively, and properly.